katherine drew dilworth


This work is created using multiple layers of textures, including papers, fabrics, stitching and paint.

I photograph these textures and combine them with my landscapes, transforming the images into something more dreamlike or slightly imagined.

At times, a photograph strikes me as perfect the way I saw it. Those images are included here as well.

All of my images in HOUSE, SEA and LAND are available as limited edition archival prints on watercolor paper.

GLIMPSES were made from moving cars and trains, showing the brief views we have to larger stories as we hurtle through a landscape. They are printed in limited editions on Japanese washi paper.

RECONSTRUCTIONS are single editions of pieced and stitched images made of multiple papers and fabrics.

QUILTS FOR EL HOGAR are pieced and sewn quilt squares from photographs I took during a week I spent in Honduras in the summer of 2014. These pieces are made from archival prints on Japanese washi paper and machine stitched. I send 100% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE for each piece to El Hogar, a school which provides food, shelter, education and a viable, hopeful future for the children it serves. Learn more at elhogar.org


~Katherine Drew Dilworth